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Never say No

April 1, 2011

How do I do it? How do I say it? I can’t. Wish I could.

We’re talking about a 2 letter word here. And the word is NO.

Every subordinate’s bane – “If only I could say NO more often, life would be easier”

Let’s face it, most of us find it difficult to say No.

And yet if only we could, we’d be far happier, whether at work or in any other relationship where it is required to be able to say no.

If there’s one issue that I face the most as I coach and counsel professionals, it is this. How do I say no?

The answer is simple. Don’t say No.

Say “Yes …… but….” 

The next time you’re overloaded and your boss hands you another thing to do, politely tell her “Yes I’ll do it but.. it will mean I will need to put the XYZ report on the back-burner”. Now if your boss says yes, then you’ve managed your work-load by getting another thing off the nowlist. Or if she says  “No that’s too important” in which case, you say “OK then I’ll avoid the ABC meeting, that’ll give me time to get this done”.

You can be smarter in the first place and say “Sure, I’ll do it but, I’ll need to either put the XYZ report on the back-burner or sit out the ABC meeting”, if you follow psychology, you’ll realize your boss will choose one of the options you have provided.

Similarly “Sure honey, I’d love to take you out for the movie tonight, but that will mean I’ll have to put in a half-day at work on Saturday”

WARNING – None of this works on children!

Who's the Boss?

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Now don’t waste time, try this tip today!

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