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Rise up…

September 27, 2010
Flag of Azad Hind
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As all of us Indians lament, groan, moan, crib, pfaff and generally fart about the “Sad state of affairs” with re. to the CWG, I am reminded of the message from the Bhagat Singh inspired Rang de Basanti… If you don’t like something, then take ownership. Change it.

We are a nation of armchair critics and cribbers. Even the usually quiet and peaceful Filipinos rose up against Marcos. The cry I heard that day was “ENOUGH. We won’t take any more shit.”

But after over 500 years of being ruled by others, of subservience, of following orders, of being inured to hardship and lassitude. I guess we are happy just lying around and cribbing.

When will India rise up? When will we – you and I – young, educated, new-age citizens say “ENOUGH. We won’t take any more shit”?

Photograph of Bhagat Singh taken in 1929 - whe...
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Who will liberate my India, if not myself? I ask myself that question, and I am ashamed…

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