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Better late than ever?

May 11, 2010
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I was walking around Central Park yesterday morning.. The sun was out, spreading warmth, and I was walking cold shadows to warm sunny spots, and it felt great! The birds were chirping, the air was crisp and clean….it hit me like a shot of vitamins and lifted up my spirits.. I found myself humming as I walked..

And then I started to think about how clean and clear this one spot was. How polluted other places are. And I realized that it’s something quite characteristic of us humans. We take things for granted.

We do it with the earth’s resources, we do it with our health, we do it in relationships, with people who matter the most…

And we get so comfortable that after a period of time, we become blind. We don’t see the downward spiral of our health going bad, or the ecology going down, we’re unaware of a relationship that is flatlining with each passing day..Blissfully unaware, we continue to make things worse, until a rude awakening when it’s almost too late.

What is it about us that makes us so? That get so drunk on comfort that it impairs our senses. That we are so focussed on our own needs that we forget that we’re part of an ecosystem, or part of a family or a team, and that we’re all in this together.

Is there a way to avoid this trap? This zone of comfort?

Here’s what works for me. Once every quarter (set a date on your calendar) sit down and make a list of all the things you appreciate, all the people who matter, and consciously give to those people, to those activities, to those spaces. Your home, your body, your mind, your spirit, your life partner. And you’ll find that over time, it becomes a habit.

Air Traffic Control - Homer, Alaska
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I do this. I’m not perfect, I slip up, sometimes more often than others. But I try to have a radar operating, and whenever I pick up a blip that indicates I slipped up, I move quickly to re-pair.

Did you ever notice that? It’s RE-Pair! So, which relationship do you need to Re-Pair today? Get to work!

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