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April 2, 2010

Bee Pee aaR = Blog PR

WordPress Pumpkin
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Setting up a blog was great fun.. My reason for starting a Blog was because I wanted to write..and saw this as a medium to hone my skills before I turned to writing the book I have always believed is inside of me, just waiting for release!

However, as I started writing, I realized there was another need that was emerging..a need to share my learning..a need to reach out and voice my opinion..a need to drive opinions and lead change…a need to be heard, even..

And that’s when I realized I wanted more people to read my blog, I needed more hits, I needed more visits..

So I gave it some thought…

I stumbled upon the blog of a fellow OD practitioner today, and realized how few hits he had. He has great content on his Blog, very contemporary, very in your face, but not too many readers!

And it suddenly struck me that I could share my success formula for general a higher hit-rate.

Words Hit Like Fists
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So here goes:

1. Leverage your network – Are you on LinkedIn? Orkut? Ryze? Twitter? any other social networking site? If yes, then you’re in luck. Whenever you put up a blog, inform your network. Don’t bombard them (as I sometimes end up doing!), but inform them that you have a blog up, and mention the subject.

2. Give if you want to receive- Visit other blogs, on subjects that are similar to what you believe in, and write about. Leave comments there, the comment will automatically also carry a link back to your blog (there is an option). It will draw other readers of that blog to you, and definitely the author of the blog herself

3. Linkedin- There are 2 ways you can BeePeeaaR on LinkedIn, you can put up an update message with your blog-link on it. Or you can install the LinkedIn application which ensures your blog pops up on your LinkedIn profile

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...
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4. Signature- Lastly, put up the bloglink on your email signature. Most of us mail a lot of people everyday. This increases your reach significantly!

I have found all these ways have worked for me. While my blog isn’t exactly blazing, I know I now have a regular readership, and whenever I put up a new blogpost, a lot of these folks come over and read through.

Having said that, I must also add content is king. So that’s really the start point. Is your writing boring or fun? Do you have long winding paragraphs or a more James Patterson staccato style or writing? Are your blogs all text? Are your thoughts insightful? Or provocative? Do they touch the heart? Bring a smile or a tear? Like I said, content is king!

James Patterson Headshot
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Hope this helps! If you have other ways you have used and which work for you, leave a comment. We’ll all learn!

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  1. April 8, 2010 1:23 pm

    Good information. Thanks for sharing. I am just a beginner at blogs. Though not a great writer and don’t fancy myself writing a book but this medium of projecting and capturing thoughts sounds interesting to me and as you have mentioned, if we can have people giving their opinions to it, it would be really great.

    • gurprrietsiingh permalink*
      April 8, 2010 2:46 pm

      That’s true Rahul.. If you try any of these suggestions and they work, would you let me know? I would appreciate that!

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