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First among Equals

July 5, 2009
Roger Federer
Image by Daryl Sim via Flickr

Today’s Wimbledon Final between Federer and Roddick was amazing to watch. More so because it brought out so many truths and learnings for all of us who aspire to peak performance, to staying ahead, to winning..

It is matches like these that help us understand the term First among Equals.

It may have appeared that both the players were evenly matched, and yet, Roddick was by far the better player in today’s match. In ability, in demonstrated class and play today, Roddick was by far the superior.

So how did Federer win? What do you ascribe his win to?

  1. Persistence – He may not have been on top all through the match, but Federer never gave up. He never lost. He kept trying, again and again and again.
  2. Emotional Resilience – In the final few games, he never succumbed to pressure. Stayed calm and when it counted most, played well Roddick did not lose to a better player today, but to his own loss of concentration. He lost to his own inability to handle stress beyond Federer’s ability.
Andy Roddick at the Legg Mason tennis tourname...
Image via Wikipedia

This match was as much about ability to handle stress as it was about ability to play good tennis. No, make that top class tennis.

In any inflection point, there is a moment of opportunity, which is open to all the players in that space. But to recognize that moment, to have a reserve of energy & resources and the focus to spot that moment and act appropriately, is what separates champions from contenders.

As also, does the ability to wait…and wait…and wait for just that right moment. To have the emotional resilience and belief that the moment will come and to be prepared and ready for it. That is the stuff of Champions.

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  1. vishal khanna permalink
    October 22, 2009 8:28 pm

    I cudnt have agreed better yes Roger Federer was focussed at just the right time he balanced it at the moment it mattered most and by one of the best Tennis matches to have been played and watched

  2. July 7, 2009 2:23 pm

    Intelligent and well thought out article. Gurprriet, write more posts so I can read more of your posts!

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